Orchestra recorded live at Angel Studios, London
& conducted by Matthew Coorey.

Choir & brass on SCR001 recorded at WWM studios, Soho, London, UK.
Guitars & drums on SCR002 recorded at Silly Tree Studios, UK.

SCR001 & SCR003 mixed at Split Second Sound
Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
SCR002 mixed at Silly Tree Studios, UK.
Mastered at Hiltongrove Mastering, London, UK.

Composed & arranged by Oliver Davis (SCR001 &
SCR003) or Toby Bricheno (SCR002)

All tracks published by Scorched Score Music.

Artwork, photography & creative direction by Entwurf.co.uk

Immediate licensing responses, rates & local
sub-publisher info available by contacting:
e: info@scorchedscore.com
t: +44 (0) 207 729 7285

Licensed in the UK via the MCPS.

www.scorchedscore.com www.deepeastmusic.com

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